Objectsort descending Category Season
Ceramic Rugby Ball C.A.Briviste Other
Cufflinks Referee Skiedsrecter Other
Decanter Cardiff RF v Ayr RFC 1994 Other 1993/1994
Drinking Cup Ayr RFC v Cardiff RFC 1992 Other 1991/1992
Drinking Cup Cardiff RFC v Ayr RFC 2010 Other 2009/2010
Miner's Lamp Presented to Cardiff RFC by Aberaman RFC 1976 Other 1976/1977
Mirror Ayr RFC v Cardiff RFC 1991 Other 1990/1991
National Stadium Model in Coal Other
Presentation Trophy from South African Government 1963 Other 1962/1963
Set of Three Mats New Zealand Maori Tour of Wales 1982 Other 1982/1983
Silver Drinking Cup Edinburgh Rugby v Cardiff Blues 2011 Other 2010/2011
Silver Pouring Jug Other
Silver Teapot Other
Silver Teapot Other
Silver Teapot on Warming Stand Other
Silver Tray Presented to Frank Trott 1970 Other 1969/1970
Silver Tray Presented to W H Treatt 1893 Other 1892/1893
Springbok Head Presented by South Africa Touring Team 1952 Other 1951/1952
Stuffed Kiwi Presented to British Isles Rugby Tourists in New Zealand 1966 Other 1965/1966
Stuffed Toy Animal Presented by Blesboks Touring Side Other
Three Bars of Anona Soap Bearing Images of Cardiff RFC Team Other
Totem Pole Trophy Cardiff RFC Canada Tour 1977 Other 1976/1977
Totem Pole VRC UK Tour 1973 Other 1972/1973
Totem Pole VRU President's XV v Cardiff RFC 1977 Other 1976/1977
Two Silver Crowns British Isles Tour to South Africa 1955 Other 1954/1955
Whale Tooth Presented to Cardiff by Fijian Touring Party 1964 Other 1964/1965
Wooden Baton Cardiff RFC League Champions 1994/95 Other 1994/1995
Wooden Gavel Presented to Cardiff RFC by Cardiff HSOB RFC 1977 Other 1976/1977