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Cap awarded to Andrew "Jock" Wemyss Read more »
Jersey presented by Lord Wakefield of Kendal Read more »
Grogg of Gerald Davies in Cardiff colours. Read more »
 Approx 24-26 in tall ceramic Grogg of Barry John In black and blue hooped Cardiff top with black shorts. Inscription on front side of base "BARRY JOHN CARDIFF 1876 -1976". Made for the Centenary Season. Read more »
Approx 24-26 inch Ceramic Grogg of Gareth Owen Edwards. In black and blue hooped "Cardiff" top with black shorts. With rugby ball in left hand. Read more »
Approx 15in tall ceramic Grogg of Bleddyn Williams in red British Lions top with white shorts, rugby ball in right hand. Read more »
Approx 18" tall ceramic Grogg of Cliff Morgan in Blue and Black hooped "Cardiff" kit jersey with black shorts. Rugby ball at feet. Read more »