Book - The Cardiff Rugby Football Club. History and Statistics 1876-1906. By C.S.Arthur, Secretary

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Published to celebrate the club's 30th season.
One of the earliest of all rugby club histories, this lavish work was published to celebrate the club's 30th anniversary. The earliest history of the club, which began life as the Glamorgan Football Club in the season 1873-74. Perhaps the most notable aspect of this books is the amount of rare portraits of early Cardiff players that appear. Many are found nowhere else. Each season is covered in good detail, outlining the players, lists of club officers, fixtures, and match reports for the bigger games. First Edition. Small 4to. [ii] + 222pp. Profusely illustrated in the text, mainly portraits, team groups. Original light blue cloth, soiled, title in black lettering to front cover, edges of spine thready. Hardback, 25 x 19cms. 'Our secretary Charles S. Arthur died in December 1925, a passing much regretted by very many friends in the Rugby world, he had served the club as a player and captain and administrator from 1885. As secretary of the club, many of its meetings took place at his offices at 32 Park Place, Cardiff. As a young player arriving at the south stand side of the ground for a match, I was most regularly greeted by this bowler-hatted gentleman of genial character with a friendly quip, and, sometimes, advice. He greeted members alike and I am glad to have known this cheerful man who did much to guide our club’s destinies'.
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