Photograph - Cardiff Football Club 1880/81

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Team proudly displaying the South Wales Challenge Cup
Back Row: T. A. Jones, T. S. Smith, H. Shewbrooke (Umpire), B. B. Mann, T. Williams, W. H. Treatt.
Middle Row: W. B. Norton, P. K. Heard, W. D. Phillips, C. H. Sewell, Vipond Davies, A. T. Hybart.
Front Row: E. D. Thomas, R. Trotter, A. J. Evans.

(Note - the names on the photograph mount are placed incorrectly).
Excerpt from the 1880/81 season report - (Note the match was actually played at the Gnoll in Neath) -
"The Club also achieved the distinction of winning the South Wales Challenge Cup, the final being played against Llanelly at Llanelly. The time occupied in playing this match was 1 hour 46 minutes, as at the end of the proper time no score had been made by either side, and an extra ten minutes each way was ordered to be played. The first ten minutes produced no score, but four minutes before the second ten minutes P. K. Heard scored a try, whereupon the crowd got on to the field and rendered further play impossible, including the kick at goal. On Cardiff's return home, they were met at the station by a band and a huge crowd, and the players were carried shoulder high to the Queen's Hotel, where W. D. Phillips addressed them, this being probably the first of the many speeches made by him."
Full match report here - Season Report 1880/81
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