Photograph - Cardiff Football Club 1908

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Stade Francais 8 - 11 Cardiff
Team that played Stade Francais at Parc des Princes, Paris 2nd November 1908
Back Row: Unknown, R. W. Shepherd, *, *, F. Gaccon, G. Northmore, F. Smith, F. Wood.
Middle Row: J. P. Casey, J. Powell, Georges Mergault (Capt.), Unknown, Wyndham Jones, W. A. Jones, W. J. Winfield, W. Spiller.
Front Row: C. Culverwell, J. Thomas.

* are the following players (it's not know which is which) - , D. R. Duncan and J. Rees.
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Private Collection
Source - / Bibliothèque nationale de France

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