Photograph - Cardiff RFC 1952 with Young Munster

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Young Munster 17 - 31 Cardiff
Greenfields Park, Rosbrien, Limerick 7th October 1952
From 1952/53 season review - 
"Young Munster included six international guest players in their team including a courtesy selection of Dr. Jack Matthews, the Irish five being Noel Henderson in the centre, Jackie Kyle and J. O’Meara half backs, Tom Clifford and Tom Reid forwards. Cliff Morgan out-shone Jackie Kyle, playing in brilliant form and Cardiff’s good performance, 31 points to 17, reflected a splendid game of Rugby much enjoyed by all."
The Cardiff Team - 
1. John Evans, 2. Geoff Beckingham, 3. Stan Bowes, 4. Tom Burns, 5. Malcolm Collins, 6. John Nelson, 7. Derek Williams, 8. Eddie Thomas.
9. Colin Hewett, 10. Cliff Morgan, 11. Gwyn Rowlands, 12. Bleddyn Williams, 13. Dafydd James, 14. Wyn Evans, 15. John Llewellyn.
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Cardiff Rugby Museum

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