Photograph - Cardiff RFC 1972/73

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Back Row: B. Mark, R. Bish, P. T. Goodfellow, K. A. Rowlands, M. Collins, J. Davies, L. M. Spence, C. T. Howe, G. L. Porter, A. D. S. Bowes.
Middle Row: L. Williams, N. Williams, M. Knill, L. Baxter, I. Robinson, M. John, J. Davies, T. Holley.
Front Row: S. McCann, W. Lewis, R. Lane, G. Davies, P. Nyhan (Chairman), G. Wallace (Capt.), W. H. Wilkins (Hon. Sec.), C. Smith, A. Finlayson, K. James, L. Davies.
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CAC Collection

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