Photograph - French Selection v Cardiff 1906

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Parc des Princes, Paris 27th February 1906
French Selection 5 - 27* Cardiff
The Cardiff Team - 
H. B. Winfield, J. L. Williams, G. McGrath, R. C. Thomas, C. F. Biggs, R. J. David, P. F. Bush (Capt.), G. Northmore, W. O'Neill, E. Rumbelow, D. Westacott, J. Brown, J. Powell, A. Brice, F. Smith.
Reports of the final score varied, probably as the scoring system had been altered this season, but reports of the various tries and goals etc add up to 27 under the system that was in use that season.
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Private Collection
Source - / Bibliothèque nationale de France

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