Cap labelled E. or L. Skinner? Read more »
Cap awarded to J M Clement ‘Clem’ Lewis for representing the British Army in the 1919 "Kings Cup", a round-robin competition held to celebrate the end of the First World War.  Read more »
Cap awarded to an unknown player for seasons -
1883/84, 1884/85, 1885/86, 1887/88, 1888/89, 1889/90 and 1892/93  Read more »
Cap awarded to Billy Douglas. Read more »
Thought to be a 1st XV cap.
E. Elliott, Selwyn Biggs, W. Davies, J. Burke and Dai Fitzgerald were awarded caps this season. Read more »
Cap awarded to S.Hill
Mislabelled as a 1st XV cap. Read more »